• Craft process

    Immovable quality in more than a century

Unchanging quality

In the mid-19th century, Augustus Perucchi made a vermouth resulting from a craft blend of wines, mistelles, herbs, plants and roots for the first time in Spain.

Almost a century and a half later, hardly anything has changed between the four walls of the Perucchi winery.

The quality of Perucchi vermouth remains unchanged thanks to the traditional processes of maceration, crushing, blending, pressing and filtering, followed by ageing in centuries-old casks.

Harmony and balance

Just the slightest variation in its more than 50 ingredients would totally unbalance the harmony of a beverage of such characteristics that has been maintained over the years for more than a century.

Unmistakable aroma and flavour

The exquisite choice of herbs, plants and roots harvested when they are just ripe ensures that their unmistakable aromas and flavours can still be perceived.

History and modernity

The same ageing tanks and vats used since the foundation of Perucchi sit in stark contrast with the very latest bottling and labelling technologies.

Organic materials

The bottle’s stopper is made from cork trees from the Alt Empordà region and the wooden top of beech from the county of Osona.

Natural products

Our wine experts certify that all the products we use are totally natural, without any kind of preservative or antioxidant being added.

The various ingredients and the quantities in which they are used, together with our winemaking processes, form one of the company’s best kept secrets.

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