• Vermouths Perucchi

    Unmistakable aroma and flavor

    The delicate flavor of Vermouth Perucchi is the result of a selection of wines and mistelas from Alt Ampurdà, Valencia and La Mancha macerated with a special combination of more than 50 varieties of herbs, fruits and roots.

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  • Appetizers Perucchi

    With bitter oranges and tangerines

    Following the Augustus Perucchi recipe from the beginning of the last century, we macerated only bitter oranges with mandarin for two months. Tangerine makes it exclusive and unique. All natural, without preservatives or dyes.

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  • Liqueurs Perucchi

    Without colorants or preservatives

    We recover the recipes of Augustus Perucchi that he made in Torino before 1876. Following his guidelines, we macerate selected citrus and coffee beans from different origins. All natural, without preservatives or dyes.

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